Why mass production is so popular

Why mass production is so popular

It is a thrill. Brands like to be aspirational in terms of growth.  associate growth with the volume they sell more often than the variety they sell. Moe variety means more variables to deal with. More risk. On the cost side, more variety means more product development cost etc.

Also it is cheaper to produce mass volume apparel. Thanks to developing countries that offer such a service. So this illusion of bring down costs at an aggregate level for a brand comes only through producing such high volumes. The numbers make the brands feel good. Especially the average cost of manufacturing a single product. That why brands are constantly drawn to this hype or rather illusion that margin also will get better because the cost of procurement is coming down. They do realise that they are amassing the risk of sitting on a huge pile of unsold inventory at the end. ‘But hey .. we will figure out a way to get rid of the last 20-30% of this huge mass volume’. This culture continues to fuel the age old concept of ‘economies of scale’. Plus, there is always a vendor who will offer you the manufacturing service of making a garment at least a cent lesser than another. It’s a bottomless pit. It’s a never ending vicious cycle.

Adding fuel to the fire, consumers are also drawn to the hype of heavy discounting and end of season sales where they are triggered mentally at a subconscious level to hoard products like never before. Very few customers and even fewer brands are realising that this is not a sustainable path to growth or even survival. This trend can be only reversed if the supply chain comes out of its shell and is willing to provide small volume oriented services at a consistent level. This will give brands the confidence to take risk and to offer made to measure, customised clothing like never before.

Until then we will have to live with the mad mass rush.


You become a brand, you become a brand ambassador. Your taste become a style. Your choice become a design.

In this era of disruption of established players by new comers in all fields it is difficult to draw a boundary on where this wave of “self branding” will stop or even slow down.

We are seeing insta influencers overtake big screen celebrities in their reach. It will not be long when these insta & youtube influencers choices of apparel will become main stream apparel brands.

In such a golden time, why should your choices be limited to the ready to wear, off the shelf products that brands and showrooms provide to the masses. How do you stand out loud. How do you stand out in the manner you dress.

The answer to this is to procure customised apparel in the way you want it. You are the self-made, so why settle for something which is made for the masses. Design your own shirt in your comfort.

You want it tight, you want it relaxed. You can have the way you want in the measurement and styling that you want.

The idea of made to measure shirt is a new trend in the world of fashion. It is a new way of making shirts that are custom fitted for the customer.

It has been a long time since the concept of made to measure shirt was introduced in the world but it never became popular until recently. The reason behind this is that there were many issues with the production process and this led to high prices. However, now these problems are getting solved and so it has become more feasible to produce these shirts in such short time and in such singular volumes.